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Analysis of Causes of Quality Accidents of Single Wing Labyrinth Drip

The single-wing labyrinth irrigation belt, a water-saving product that allows many farmers to taste the sweetness, has repeatedly become a pain point for the people in the past two years. The key reason is that there have been many quality accidents during its use, such as pipe bursting, water stagnation, and plugging, which have seriously affected agricultural production. There are three main reasons for these accidents:

First, raw materials
    In recent years, due to the continuous expansion of drip irrigation, raw material supply has been relatively tight. In particular, the old drip tape, which is the main raw material, is a hot commodity every year. The so-called rise in the height of the ship, the recovery price of the old drip tape also increased. In order to reduce the production cost, most manufacturers use waste plastic film and waste greenhouse films as raw materials for drip tapes. Because of the thinness of waste plastic film and waste greenhouse film, after a summer wind and sun exposure, the raw material ages particularly severely, the molecular chain breaks, the molecular weight becomes smaller, and the physical properties of the raw materials cannot reach the use requirements of the drip irrigation belt. In the production of these inferior raw materials, no problems could be found at the time and general inspections could be passed. However, after entering the farmland, after a period of sunshine and wind and rain, there will be rotten holes, which will directly cause drip irrigation accidents.

Second, the design flaw itself
    Single-wing labyrinth drip tapes, due to their flanks, cannot be used as patch drip tapes, allowing the dripper outlets to face upwards to improve anti-clogging performance. After the labyrinth drip irrigation belt passes water, the side wings of the labyrinth drip irrigation pipe naturally face down. When the water contains impurities, the impurity will sink to the bottom and flow into the dripper, causing the outlet blockage. When the water outlet is blocked, the internal pressure of the drip irrigation pipe rises, and a burst band occurs, and the phenomenon of water pricking increases.

Third, quality testing leaks

    Because many drip tape manufacturers do not know the drip tape standard. The vast majority of manufacturers do not have the means of detection. A relatively good drip irrigation belt manufacturer will only be able to perform a test of withstand pressure, blasting, and flow uniformity. Most manufacturers do not have specialized technical personnel. Even if there are so-called technical personnel, they do not understand the performance of raw materials and do not understand the product formulas. Their inspections must wait until the annual inspections by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the factory inspection is also an important cause of quality accidents.
    In summary, the cause of the drip irrigation belt accident is not only the original design defect of the single-wing labyrinth drip irrigation belt, but also its lack of production technology and improper use of farm households, but the main reason is that the manufacturer's ratio of raw materials and formula is not Reasonably caused. In addition to the purchase of qualified products sold by qualified manufacturers, the relevant departments must also increase the supervision of the quality of drip irrigation belts, and the government must also vigorously support high-quality production enterprises. Certain subsidies. Advocacy is good and bad.

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