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Green development is to save water and land, and scientific fertilization

    The construction of modern agriculture in China has accelerated in recent years, and the total grain output has achieved a ten-fold increase, and the good agricultural situation has become a constant sea needle for sustained and healthy economic and social development. However, the two closures of the ecological environment and resource conditions are also becoming more and more tight.

    At present, the situation of agricultural development in China is: water shortages, less land, and more fertilizer. Per capita freshwater resources and cultivated land in China account for only 28% and 32% of the world average. The 2013 statistics show that the national agricultural water consumption is 392.13 billion cubic meters, of which, the agricultural irrigation water consumption is about 352 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 57% of the country's total annual water consumption. Fertilizer consumption is about 59.92 million tons. Annual irrigation water consumption and chemical fertilizer use rank first in the world.

    This first place cannot help but bring about the increasing shortage of water resources and the increasing pollution of agricultural non-point source pollution. This is an unbearable pain for sustained and healthy development.

    Agricultural irrigation is the "biggest source of water" in China's national economy, and it has always been "the first major waste of water" in water resources. How much food is produced by 1 ton of water can be called water and grain output ratio. According to a survey conducted by CCTV, the ratio in Shandong Province is 2 pounds per ton of water, and in Heilongjiang Province, 1.5 pounds per ton of water. In Gansu and Ningxia, only 1.2 pounds of grain can be produced per ton of water.

    Faced with the increasingly severe resource situation, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward all-round saving and efficient use of resources, emphasizing that priority should be given to conservation, strengthening the management of binding indicators, and implementing the combined control of total water resources consumption and intensity. The goal set by the most stringent water resources management system is that the total amount of water used by the country by 2020 should be controlled within 670 billion cubic meters. The bright red light of the utilization of water resources makes it difficult to sustain the traditional agricultural development model.

    Green is the background of development. When it comes to agricultural production, green development is to save water and economize the land, and to fertilize the soil scientifically. For a country with such a large population, rice bowls must be firmly held in their hands at all times. Safeguarding food security, but also effective conservation of resources, but also the implementation of environmental protection, can only be a way to improve quality and efficiency, to science and technology to produce, to benefit." For the contradiction between food security and resources and environmental constraints, Wanlian to give Out of your own answer.

Green development is to save water and land, and scientific fertilization 2016-12-2 ıĶ 580
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