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Drought irrigation technology promotion should pay attention to the problem

1 Drip irrigation technology
    Drip irrigation must master the scientific irrigation time (especially the first water) and irrigation volume. The principle of cotton head water should be appropriately late. Drip irrigation cotton compared with conventional irrigation, due to uniform irrigation, artificial control of irrigation, a small amount of irrigation, irrigation water can be ahead of time 3 to 5 days. However, in order for the root system to be tied down, it is necessary to see flower head water, and it is only possible to fill the water in advance if there is a shortage of dry grass or a severe drought in the sandy land.
    During the whole growth period of cotton, it is filled with water 6 to 8 times, and the total water consumption is 280-320m3/667m2. The amount of water distributed at each stage of development was 15 to 20 m3/667 m2 of drip irrigation. The amount of irrigation water in the headwater is 40-50m3/667m2. The irrigation time in southern Xinjiang is in the middle and early June. The northern Xinjiang is in the middle and late June. In the rainy years, the cotton field is prosperous and the irrigation can be postponed for 7-10 days. The first water and the second water interval time is 8 to 10 days. After each two waters, the amount of water is 50-60m3/667m2 per interval, and the interval is 10-15 days; the amount of irrigation water in the later period is reduced to 40m3/667m2. In areas with severe water shortages, at least 4 irrigations will be guaranteed. Each irrigation volume will be 70m3/667m2, and the interval between each water will be 15 to 20 days.
2 Composting with water
    Generally, in the case of applying basal fertilizer, 3 to 4 top dressings are performed with water, each time for 15 to 20 days. The first topdressing of urea 8kg/667m2 and potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1kg/667m2. Each time after the recovery of urea 5kg/667m2 and potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1kg/667m2. Because it is very difficult for farmers to uniformly top-dress fertilizers, coordination must be ensured.
3 water distribution system
    3.1 Drip irrigation is water infiltration irrigation, change the traditional water distribution system, do a good job in water distribution management is the key to ensure the success of drip irrigation. Although drip irrigation is more than 20% water saving than flood irrigation, its water characteristics have undergone a fundamental change, mainly because the farmers' plots are small, but pressurized drip irrigation is a common system for multiple farmers, and they must be unified in irrigation and uniform fertilization. Therefore, they should be designed Pay attention to minimize the system, which can avoid too many farmers in a system, but also avoid uneven land, excessive pressure difference in the system, uneven irrigation and other issues.
    3.2 Drip Irrigation of Self-Pressurized Hose A single system requires a small amount of water, but each system has a long irrigation time and must ensure that each system has sufficient water supply time. Therefore, the flood irrigation system of traditional flood irrigation can't guarantee the requirement of drip irrigation, it must be divided into zero, and water is siphoned by multiple households to separate water, prolong the time of water supply, shorten the cycle of irrigation and increase the number of irrigation. Drip irrigation is about 30% more water saving than conventional irrigation, and the same amount of water irrigation can increase 1 or 2 times.
4 Quality of drip tape
    The quality of drip tape is the key to the success or failure of drip irrigation technology. The promotion of self-pressure hose drip irrigation in Korla promotes premature aging of the capillary tube due to poor product quality. The capillary tube begins to weather and fracture after water, which not only causes economic losses, but also has a negative impact on the promotion of this technology. At present, the product formulation of the drip irrigation belt in our district has passed, but there are still problems in the product quality of individual companies, and special attention must be paid in use.

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